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It seems like just yesterday when I ordered my first iMac. Like the first Mac Plus I bought way back when, it was something I knew I would always have to keep going, no matter what. Well, needless to say, my trusty old Bondi Blue iMac's CRT blew on April Fools day 2002.

Knowing that everything else on the machine was still functioning just fine, I set out to rebuild her. The following link displays the step by step process of reviving my old Bondi Blue into a 1U Flat Panel iMac with 500Mhz of Power! Specs for the machine are listed below

The iRack ran OSX 10.1.5 and OS9.2.2 (Classic)
384MB of RAM
6MB of Video RAM
Sonnet Harmoni G3 500Mhz Processor and Firewire Port
30GB Seagate Cheetah IDE Drive
All encased in a Marathon iRack
Apples New Extended USB Keyboard and USB Optical Mouse
A Proview 15" Flat Panel LCD monitor. The unit was retired several years ago.


New Flat Panel iRack setup
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